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Dear 16 Year Old Sandi

Dearest 16 yr old Sandi, Breathe. Take a really big deep breath and give us a hug. Things seem so […]

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FYI (If You’ve Read Mrs. Hall’s Post to Teenage Girls)

A few days ago I came across the now viral post by Mrs. Hall about how her family gathers round […]

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Interesting Woman

I am an interesting woman. Interesting to look at, and interesting to know. I am not conventionally beautiful. I have […]

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Yes and No

This month’s challenge was about experimenting with Yes and No. I had to say “No” to things I knew I […]

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May Challenge: Man-phobia

Before I tell you what my big huge May challenge was all about, I need to give you a little […]

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April and the Art of Being Flexible

Or, How the Monsters Almost Defeated Me I don’t have an awesome “after” picture for you, yet. I didn’t fail. […]

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Taking on the Monsters in my Closet

Here we are, over a week into April, and I have finally just finished the article about my April challenge. […]

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Bras and Legwamers

(Image Source) Word to the wise: When working out, even in your bedroom or living room, always, ALWAYS wear a […]

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Get Movin'!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I collect strange things: socks, makeup, beauty products, books, clothes, etc. This is probably […]

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Flirting with Failure

Have you been wondering what February’s challenge was? I want to tell you all about it. I want to tell […]

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