Album Review: Eden the Cat – “Amateur”
Album Review: Eden the Cat – “Amateur”

I had been following Eden Rohatensky on Twitter for quite some time when I noticed she was claiming she wrote an entire album about a love  affair with nachos. I, too, love nachos, so I decided to take a closer look at what Rohatensky had to offer. What I found was not, in fact, a collection of songs professing love for nachos, but instead a debut solo album, hauntingly acoustic, detailing Rohatensky’s frustration with love, sleeping alone, and coming to terms with life moving on after love. (Or was it nachos after all?)

Under the name “Eden the Cat”, Rohatensky released the nine song album Amateur. Amateur’s simplicity in softly strummed guitar accompanied by soft yet determined vocals held my attention as though I were peering through a doorway into a very personal moment. The lead track “The Other Woman” is a capella, reminding me of Sara Bareilles’ opening track to Kaleidoscope Heart. Right from the start, Rohatensky lets the listener know she is tired of the second hand sting of love, but the persuasive nature of memories keeps her holding on.

My favorite track, “Ghost” is carried primarily by Rohatensky’s voice with a persistent, yet subtle guitar arrangement. The lyrics lament a “normal life” of wifedom, family, and day jobs. The melody is quick, rivaling the words as they describe how easily she’d turn into a ghost of herself should she choose to disappear into society. “Ghost” also features a subtle sound in the background not heard in the other songs close to the whistle of a faraway train, or maybe the sound of another voice singing softly down the hall.

The album picks up speed in places such as the tracks “Used to Be” and “Summer Days.” Both tracks speak of plans having changed and days of different perspective. Rohatensky’s voice lends itself to a more folksy sound, showcasing her ability to change styles with the mood of the song. While the lyrics are spiced with hints of regret and better times, the upbeat guitar includes hope for the coming days.

A second listen through the album reveals layering of vocals; subtle changes in guitar style from song to song. Amateur hints at the full range of Eden Rohatensky’s talents, but is captivating in it’s minimalism. The experiences she describes are experiences we all have had in love, life, and lust, but these songs don’t dance around the truth of the matter, which is to say sometimes you just can’t sleep because you’ve spent a lot of time in love, falling out of love, or getting over love. Like the persistence of Rohatensky’s voice, life goes on while we try to cope with the past or ever changing present.

Amateur was released through Bandcamp, allowing for unlimited streaming and purchase of five dollars. In order to further drive promotion, Eden Rohatensky exchanged download codes for retweets. Get your copy below!

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