All That Glitters is Gaudy
All That Glitters is Gaudy
glitter and gold

2012 is on our heels and nothing brings out the glitter and sequins like New Years Eve celebrations. It’s all well, good, and glamorous to shine, shimmer and sparkle on the promising night of new beginnings, but there’s no excuse to look like you should be the one dropped atop Times Square at midnight. All that glitters is not gold doesn’t merely apply to Mariah Carey’s silver screen debut. Sequins look spectacular under a spotlight, and glitter is a surefire way to add instant glitz to your look, but avoid excessive use like the plague. Here’s how.

Like the creator accessorized the night sky with sparkle, you too can decorate basic black with sequins and end up with a stunning result. It’s ideal for apprehensive sequin wearers after a glamorous yet understated appearance. You can take advantage of glittery shoes, accessories and eye makeup while still playing it safe. But there’s no need to stay on the dark side; any neutral shade is given a boost of sexy with sequins. Pair light colored sequins with white, cream or beige to see them shine their brightest. For a really elegant appearance, pair silver sequins with shades of gray. Nude or subtly-colored sequins paired with jeans makes for a glamorous look. Glitter and sparkle should ideally embellish an outfit, not dominate it. Sequins on sequins is a mess. There’s a fine line between matching and creating a monstrosity. Dress down your sequins lest you’re mistaken for the entertainment on a cruise ship.

Notice a disco ball is the focal point of the dance floor? Same rule applies to your look. If you’re wearing a glittery, sequinned piece see to it that it’s not upstaged by your jewelry and makeup. Your sequinned dress, pants, skirt, or coat can stand alone. Help it out by not adding anything it has to compete for attention with. The effect is nothing short of an eyesore. Wear natural makeup and go easy on the accessories if your outfit is taking center stage. A bright sequinned dress is five star glamor; that’s all the glamor you need.

A touch of glitter on your eyelids will light up your face without looking over the top provided you don’t go overboard with the eyeshadow. Opt for a smoky eye base to start with and add a shimmery shadow to finish. Eye jewels or gems carefully applied along the lash line or on the outer corners of the eyes catch the light with dazzling effects. Body glitter sprays and lotions make skin glisten under the lights, but remember that once the light catches it, it will be very noticeable if you went crazy during application. Many women are prone to abusing perfume because they can’t smell it on themselves. The problem extends to glitter. The solution: just because you can’t necessarily see your handiwork, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t.

Large sequins are an abomination and inexcusable unless you’re a beauty pageant contestant and ridiculous is the expectation. Avoid flashy excess by opting for smaller sizes. The weight of the sequins will give the illusion of being frumpy. The daintier the better. Avoid overkill. Nobody really needs to see you coming from thirty feet away.

It takes boldness to shimmer and shine, so if you’re not ready to step out in sequins, you can take advantage of attention grabbing accessories. Sequinned belts, hair ornaments, jewelery, footwear, and bags are enough to make a statement. Black, silver, gold, and bronze are best.

Sequins, glitter, and rhinestones add liveliness to a look and make for a glamorous appearance, but they’re the fastest route to tacky territory. Sparkle plenty is a doll, not a philosophy!


Blair Adele – sometimes better known as Vanity Blair has had a love affair with the art of writing since she  knew  how to hold a pen properly. While girls studied Seventeen magazine, she studied the dictionary,  infatuated with  expanding her vocabulary. Since the tumultuous teenage years, she has viewed trends with  disdain, preferring to  embrace individuality when it comes to style. “The Blair Necessities” is where she  combines her objective:  expressing femininity through fashion, and encouraging what sets a woman apart  from the rest, with her passion for the written word. Let she who is without fear of fashion, cast the first stilletto.

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