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Harry's Melon

The following was a contest of sorts. A friend of mine, her dad had to have skin cancer removed from […]



Dream Two small girls stand by the pool as they fit long, flowing blonde wigs and slink into sequined red […]



We used to be such good friends – you and I – sharing our dolls and our dreams. You were […]


April 28, 1982

She sits by the fire trying to warm herself. The smoke from her cigarette circles her head and forms a […]

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The Importance of Editors

Every writer needs a good editor, even if they think they can’t afford one. It is worth cleaning house for […]


A Project for Emily

“You’re not cutting all the way to the bone,” Emily’s father said. This was the second arm Emily failed to […]

How Did I Get Here?

Connor sat on the steps of the courthouse with his head in his hands wondering how he got here. His […]