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why i left yoga

Why I Left Yoga

I read an article on Elephant Journal today of a woman’s story and why she left yoga, and while it […]

this number

Shakes, Smoothies, and Pills. Oh My!

I’ve always wanted to magically awaken one morning to find myself thin, in shape, and beautiful. If the Magic Beauty […]


“V” is for Shame No More: #NoShame

My news-feed was exploding this morning with posts about women who are seeing their vaginas for the very first time. When I […]



“Sometimes, your body will whisper to you that it’s time to get healthy: shortness of breath, needing to lean on […]


Finding Yourself Through Fitness

I have always been insecure about my body. Even though I’ve always been thin, I was never really fit. In […]


Please Don’t Make Me Eat…Anything: Struggling With Food Guilt

Struggling with body image isn’t unilateral. It isn’t only overweight females who fight this battle. Men, women, tall, short, skinny, fat—all people are susceptible […]


Z is for Zumba

I wrote a series of blog posts for each letter of the alphabet during July. It pushed my creative envelope and […]


Exercises in Creativity

Every creative person has periods of writer’s block or an artistic atrophy. It’s the intellectual equivalent of a physical plateau […]

fun house mirror

Does Body Shaming Ever Stop?

I hear what they say about other women, and it makes me a little apprehensive about ever leaving the safe […]


How Pregnancy is Making Me a Better Nudist

Let me preface all of this by making clear that I am NOT an earth mother. I am not all […]