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Real Women Have _________

“A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting […]

vegan soyfucker

Discovering Individuality as a Vegetarian

I met a friend for lunch in Orlando just outside of downtown at a small restaurant. It was a great […]

Yoga, Where Did You Go?

When I walked into my first hatha (heated) yoga class, I thought I’d discovered some kind of cult. I remember my […]

no smoking

I Quit! Part 2

A little over a week has passed since I decided to quit smoking, and, well, things aren’t going quite as […]

oct pink

Going Veggie – The New Pink

Just in case you hadn’t noticed that everywhere you go is draped in pink, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness […]

no smoking

I Quit!

Pssst. Come here. Can I tell you a secret? I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 4 days. Yup. I quit. […]


Interview: Kino MacGregor

Today, I have the honor to interview Kino MacGregor. If you don’t know her, I’ll offer a brief background on […]


Update: One Month Post-Op

Good news: this week marks one month since my weight loss surgery! Bad news: my body is celebrating by deciding […]


Post-Op Update

Monday July 23rd marks two weeks since I started my new life with a stomach the size of a small […]


Pre-Op Preparation Complete

I never wanted to have weight loss surgery. Ask me two years ago and I would have said “No way!”.  […]