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You Don’t Have To Be a Chef: Cacio e Pepe

There is a dish I’ve been making for my family for as long as I can remember. The dish is […]


Choo-Choo Mac 'n' Cheese

Recently I had the opportunity to hop on a train with several friends I have lost touch with over the […]

reuben pastry

Reubens and Repairs

My house is the oldest house on my street. One of my neighbors found it on a map at the […]



Eating out on Valentine’s Day is for amateurs. The menus have inflated prices, the restaurants are packed with diners that […]

avocado cartoon

The Mighty Avocado

I remember watching my mother eat avocados as a child; its insides seemingly slimy with this giant pit in between […]

fresh veg 2

County Line Farm Stand

Finally the County Line farm stand is open! The Monday after Christmas, we were on our way to Ocala to […]

apple brie tart 2

Apple and Brie Tart

A few weeks ago my friend Michelle and I started getting together at my place on Friday nights to have […]

green tea

G is for Green Tea!

Drinking green tea is certainly nothing new and in recent years Americans consumed over 50 billion servings of tea annually. […]

The Bruery Autumn Maple Belgian Style Brown Ale

Beer is Not Just for Boys!

The start of every new season can be exciting. But fall is by far my favorite. The refreshing chilly air, […]

Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart

An exchange overheard at the farmer’s market. “Hey! How’s your goat?” “Oh, she’s great, how’s yours?” It isn’t totally random, […]