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bed bugs

The Politics of Bed Bugs

My son had spent the at a friend’s house about three weeks prior to the start of the bites. At first, […]

happy pills

The Happy Pills Myth: Living with Anxiety, Panic, and Depression

“Happy Pills” don’t exist. If they did, I would have already taken them a million times over. Living with, and […]

Aaron C. “Shorty” Hall

The Time for Patience has Passed

That day was unusually cold for April. A weepy mist encased me as I stood beside his grave, the Guns and […]

relationship advice

Relationship Advice: Quit Pointing Fingers

I guess I’m really no relationship advice expert. I am, after all, single—albeit happily single, but I do have a […]


A Lack of Roses

**Editors note: “A Lack of Roses” was written by LaRue Foster in November of 1979 and published in an internal publication […]


I Had a Stroke at 29

(Photo credit: Sean McNeil) 5:20 a.m., ICU Sean fills the basin with hot water and places it nearby. He’s still […]


Motherhood: The Truth

I used to be human. Never did I leave my always immaculate home without my hair and nails fixed just […]


Dinner With a Side of Judgment

This past weekend I was invited to attend one of the largest fundraising events in my community. Each year this […]

wheel of violence

Scars and Shame: The Aftermath of Domestic Violence

Watching my son cry crushed my soul. It wasn’t the first time he or his brothers have cried over the years. This wasn’t the […]

write bleed

Inviting the Muse

When I first began writing my own stuff (after years of being an editor for others), I had a strange […]