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Engineers Without Borders

What do you do when you need something from the store? Right. Jump in your car and go! And oh, isn’t it […]

Handgun and Constitution

Regulation is Not Elimination

In my forty years of living, I cannot remember a time when I felt compelled to own a firearm. There […]



Today, I woke to find myself still nauseated and astonished from the horrific act of violence which occurred on Friday, […]

Gay Rights Aren't Civil Rights?

I read an article today written by Eugene F. Rivers III and Kenneth D. Johnson, arguing that gay rights are not civil rights, […]

polytechnic plaque

Of Women and Guns

December 6th, 1989. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Ecole Polytechnique, an engineering school where a few thousand students are just entering an […]


Party of Three

While the campaign dust has settled from the Presidential Election, I can’t help but feel the utmost confidence in who […]

A Promise On National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. It has been celebrated as a civil awareness day since October 11, 1988, the […]


Weird Words We Might See soon

The internet has given rise to a great many newly created words and acronyms, here are some you may not […]


Lake Atlantica aka Atlantic Ocean

Swimming in the ocean last weekend inspired me to share my thoughts regarding the condition of my local ocean water. Tropical […]


Your Words Will Live Forever

Within the last two weeks I have observed some strange behavior, politicians committing career suicide. We have Republican nominee Todd […]