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Sorry, NFL. I’m Throwing A Flag On Domestic Violence

I am a lifelong lover of football. I’ve been a loyal fan of the Dallas Cowboys since I was old […]


Football Is Awesome! I Only Like It Because My Boyfriend Does…

During my freshman year of college, I worked at a popular book store in both the coffee shop part of […]

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Review: NBA2K13

I’ll be honest, I shied away from the NBA2K franchise for a long time. Not unlike the Madden series, the […]

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saints wh reception 090810

The NFL vs. The State of American Politics

“Whew! At least we have our Refs back!” said every NFL fan in America today. One more confused look, one […]

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Blind Side

In the moments immediately following my live broadcast late last November I made a silent promise to myself that I […]


The Prowl: Offseason Edition

The last time we had an edition of The Prowl, the Jaguars were uncertain about everything from the head coach, […]

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subway ff 500 2

Subway Fresh Fit 500

The start of the 2012 Sprint Cup season isn’t messing around after a fiery, record breaking Daytona 500 last week. […]

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As most NASCAR enthusiasts would agree, the 2011 Sprint Chase for the Cup was one of the most exciting Chases […]

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The Prowl, Vol 17

Week 17 Review: Colts vs Jaguars – W 19-13 Even though this season has been a tumultuous one, we ended […]

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The Prowl, Vol 16.

Week 16 Review – Jaguars vs Titans: L 23-17 As close as this score looks, the Jaguars offensive performance was […]

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