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The Prowl, Vol 14 and 15

Week 14 Review – Buccaneers vs Jaguars:  W 41-14 The Jaguars dominated this game. The defensive effort was beyond awesome […]

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Buried at Browns' Stadium

It’s a colder than a witch’s tit day in Cleveland on any given home Sunday during the Browns’ regular season. […]

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The Prowl, Vol 13.

Week 13 Review: Chargers vs Jaguars – 38-14 The last half of this game was extremely painful. The Jaguars looked […]

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The Prowl, Vol 12

Week 12 Review: Texans vs Jaguars – 20-13 This game was disappointing. The Jaguars had this one handed to them. […]

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The Prowl, Vol 11.

Week 11 Review: Browns vs Jaguars – 14-10 This game was another heartbreaker. I came very close to hurling various […]

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The Prowl, Vol 10

Week 10 Review: Jaguars vs Colts – 17-3 We did it! We beat the Colts again! I can’t pretend the […]

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The Prowl, Vol 9

Week 9 Review: Bye Week. Since we didn’t have a game this past week, there’s nothing to review! Let’s get […]

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The Prowl, Vol 8.

Week 8 Review: Texans vs Jaguars – 24-14 This game had its moments where the Jaguars looked like they had […]

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ravens jaguars

The Prowl, Vol 7.

Week 7 Review: JAGUARS BEAT THE RAVENS 12-7. Let us take a moment to celebrate. Not only did the Jaguars […]

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The Prowl, Vol 6

Week 6 Review – Pittsburgh Steelers vs Jacksonville Jaguars: 17-13 Well, no one can say we didn’t show some resistance […]

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