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skirt length

(Skirt Length) Hems and Haws

In the almost thirty-two years of my life, I have worn pretty much every length of skirt there is, for […]


Donating Hair

I cut my hair the other day. It’s been nearly a year since I had it trimmed. I usually only […]

vintage shoes

Sensible Shoes

As I was dressing for a job interview today I realized my black professional shoes are anything but stylish. They […]

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mom jeans

The Slippery Slope to Mom Jeans

I was the perfect mother; right up until I had actual children. I knew precisely how my perfect little angels would look, […]


A Well-Written Sikh Woman

Some of you may have already read the story of a Sikh woman who was cyber-bullied because of her appearance. […]


Jessica Simpson: A Nudist's Lament

Jessica Simpson has been making her post-baby, Weight Watchers spokesperson rounds touting how she is losing weight and feeling great. […]


A Love Affair with the Runway

Twice a year, fashion designers from all over the world conglomerate in several cities around the world to preview their new […]

Enjoying the sun

Beauty Tips from The Inside

Do you remember that time in history when women completely dominated and were respected by men? Yeah. Neither do I. […]


High Def Love

Since the dawn of the film age, we have always believed that movie stars are prettier than we are. Classic […]


Avoid the Foggy Green

Here I am enjoying my fortieth summer. Nothing has changed about summer, really. It’s still hot. Bugs still come out […]