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Sheer Elegance

Forget the stigma that sheer fashions showcase an absence of class, modesty and good taste. The translucent, soft and airy […]


Tis the Season to be Scary!

Drag a skeleton out of your closet, hang it on your front door, and stock up on severed head candies […]


Shop Sensible

I love clothes when they’re not on laundry piles or on racks. Due to time, crowds, queues, and lack of […]

Seeing Spots!

Bigger is not always better. Don’t be dotty and assume a myriad of mammoth circles on material makes a superb […]

The End Point Is Not Your Lipstick

I have an ex-girlfriend who had body image issues. I remember one night on the couch, in the┬ámidst of severe […]


The Blues Never Looked Better

The ocean, the sky, and your wardrobe. What do these three things have in common? They’re made beautiful by blue. […]

A Leopard Love Affair

Fur so long, leopard print was deemed a strictly tacky affair, popularized by the likes of notoriously outlandish sitcom characters […]

You Don't Need An Invitation to Your Own Fancy Dress Party

My philosophy is life is a fashion show. Just one long runway, for not just the women with legs up […]

Preloved Fashion Remains Most Loved

The less I pay for clothing, the more wear and enjoyment I get out of it. My most expensive wardrobe […]

From London to Los Angeles: Kate Beckinsale

While I’ve never been one to get overly excited about “steal her style!” sections of fashion magazines, I have enjoyed […]