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Game Changer: Call of Duty Includes Women

The folks over at Activision unveiled the multiplayer for their upcoming game, Call of Duty: Ghosts today, with a big […]


Has Social Media Killed Intelligent Debate?

Public debate is not something at which I would label myself as skilled. I love a good discussion, but most […]

diablo 3

First Impression: Diablo 3

I don’t consider myself a gamer. The extent of my video game experience in my youth came from playing Duck […]

Review: Turntable.Fm gives the music lover and DJ hopeful the sharing ability the Internet has longed for ever since the mass switch […]

Interview: Web Comic Artist Andrew Rothery

Andrew Rothery is an intrepid web comic artist. He’s been creating his comic,Tru-Life Adventures for ten years, currently running five days […]


Review: Google Music

Google Music looks like a godsend for accessing your entire music library anywhere there is an Internet connection. I know […]

Review: Mac OS X Lion

It’s been a few weeks since OS X Lion hit the world and after getting a real feel for the […]


Review: Spotify

Spotify finally convinced American music companies to let it have a crack at this music library/streaming trend. Revolutionizing the way […]

L.A. Noire

I just finished the main storyline of L.A. Noire. Goodness gracious, I had a blast with this one. Let’s walk through […]

The Plus and Minus of Google+

Google+ has been a pretty hot topic in the social networking world the last few weeks. Our founders, being the […]