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The First Ten Steps of Ebook Marketing, Dhag Mhan Style

One thing that independently published authors and authors with the coveted contract have in common is marketing. Both writers have to […]


One Great Tool

A productive marketing tweet says something interesting to your followers, has hash tags so that it spreads around the twitter-verse, and […]

There's a Monster on the Internet

There’s a monster on the internet. It’s called “what mioves kindle books off the shelf.” (You’ll have to have an […]

Pinterest: A Plethora of Pretty

A few days ago, my dear friend Sonju tweeted this: Holla if you’d like a Pinterest invite. It’s like tumblr, for big girls.  […]

POD People

A print on demand printer is a big machine that produces whole books one at a time. For anyone who spent […]

Upload, Click, Repeat

The question I get asked the most about this writing thing I do is, “How do you publish an e-book?” I […]

Download. Read. Love.

Everyone is talking about ebooks right now, and almost everyone is reading them. has always been a bit quiet […]