I Walk
I Walk
i walk
I walk like I own the whole world.
My hips move clouds,
My breath guiding them along,
And water springs where my heels pierce the earth.
I walk like the world is mine to hold.
My steps ring confidence’s battle cry.
I am a lioness, fierce as hell
But softer than linen gauze.
My hands are made of fire,
To light and warm, to smelt and refine,
But never to harm.
I walk like I own the whole damn world,
Because, right now, I really do.
headshot newMelissa Snyder is an introvert with a flair for the dramatic in her writing. She is a wife, mother, compulsive writer, voracious reader, and fierce defender of Imagination. She has been writing stories since before she actually knew her letters, developing stories that she would tell herself aloud while drawing. She likes to write about faith and self and emotion and society and hobbies, as well as revealing the myriad paracosms that inhabit her mind. These paper bullets of the brain live in her blog and on Facebook  where she endeavors to write about life and Imagination boldly and share honestly. As a first-time mother, she is also recording her experiences, memories, joys, worries, and, yes, even whines in her Mommy-blog at I Have a Forever.
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