If You’re Standing On The Glass Ceiling, The View Is Great
If You’re Standing On The Glass Ceiling, The View Is Great
Businesswoman looking at glass ceiling

Oh how we celebrate when the glass ceiling is cracked. Janet YellenVictoria Claflin WoodhullMary Barra, and soon perhaps, Hillary Clinton. Yeah, us! Another giant leap for womankind.

But it’s kind of a bright shiny object, isn’t it? I mean, there is only one Federal Reserve Chair, one American President, and only one hundred Fortune 100 CEO’s. In other words, if you are one of the 158 million women lucky enough to be living in America, you have a better chance at winning the lottery. Most of us just aren’t going to make it to the big leagues.

So let’s get real. The sky may be the limit for some but for the rest of us, it is still a glassed in mirage. The real glass ceiling will only be cracked when there are no more jobs closed to women.

Women couldn’t ski jump in the Olympics until this year, even though the best jumper in the world is a woman. There is no specific rule against women in the the NFL, MLB, NBA or the NHL even though none have made it there yet. Seriously, the best ski jumper in the world is a woman.

Women can’t be Navy SEAL or special warfare combatant-craft crew and due to privacy concerns, can’t serve as enlisted personnel on submarines. Three Airforce Jobs aren’t open to women (PararescueCombat Controller, and Tactical Air Command and Control).  The Army still prohibits women in about 10% of its jobs including special ops, while the Marine Corps is ignoring the Pentagons call to co-locate. 54,000 Marine Corps jobs remain closed entirely to women.

According to Baptist and Catholic church leadership, God has clearly spelled out that women should not teach men for risk of turning societal hierarchy among the two sexes on its head. Therefore, we are not qualified to go into ministry.

With thousands of good paying jobs still closed to women, the glass ceiling is still laying heavy over too many heads. The lucky few are just standing on the second floor with a corner office. Until women can give or receive the order to kill terrorists like Osama Bin Laden, there will be a glass ceiling. And until women can teach God’s word from the pulpit, our daughters will continue to bump their heads.

Heather HeadshotHeather Beaven is the CEO of a school-to-work 501c3, a Navy Veteran, an Army wife and mother of two daughters. She can be found at heatherbeaven.policymic.com and you can follow her on twitter at @electbeaven

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