One Great Tool
One Great Tool

A productive marketing tweet says something interesting to your followers, has hash tags so that it spreads around the twitter-verse, and has an address in it. Your marketing tweet ought to look something like this: “Still cheaper than Starbucks coffee! Foreclosed and Eminent Domain Mitzy Neuhuas Mysteries #ian1” To make a tweet like that happen short web addresses are essential.

I use as my address chopper. Bitly saves a list of the links I’ve created for me, which makes my life easier. Anyone with an ebook to market (or anything else for that matter) should have an easy place to pop over to where their links are saved. Keeping that info at Bitly means I have fewer locations to remember. One less thing to remember is good.

Tweeting works best if you have content or good news to share and link shortening sites like Bitly help with that. They gather info on the folks who click you link and analyze it for you. Because of their analytics I’ve been able to track what counties are checking out my mystery series. So far the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Barbados, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Greece, France, Cyprus, Botswana, Philippines, New Zealand, and Sweden have checked it out. Neither of my book retailers report which specific countries have purchased the books, so I try to be very honest when reporting this info. I say something to the effect of “Sweden checked out Mitzy today!” At the end of each month I know how many ebooks have sold outside of the US, UK, and German markets but not to which counties exactly. But that’s okay, we are writers and we know how to show the analytics to their best effect.

Bitly is great, but there are other equally great options out there as well. also offers the analytics that I like so much. offers the super sweet service of providing links to images and documents as well. If you don’t want a whole new account to manage, though I recommend you do, gives you one off short links. And is available as well, though I couldn’t find an example of their analytics. It appeared to be the URL shortener for people who prefer Lynix and other hard core computing.

Since it functions as a one stop location for the links you want to tweet and put in your status updates, offers you good news to share with potential readers, and does the essential shortening of links, I think finding the service you like the best is one of the first steps and ebook author should take.


Traci Tyne Hilton is the author of the independently published Mitzy Neuahus Mystery series. In addition to writing mysteries, Traci is a die hard childrens ministry worker. Story telling is her favorite job in the ministry but she also rocks balloon animals and wild games. Traci has written grant proposals, blogs, essays on etymology, Bible studies, Sunday School curriculum, novels, short stories, history essays, and plays. She hopes to do many more of the above, God willing and the creek don’t rise. The Mitzy Neuhaus series is available at and in paperback and ebook. More of Traci’s work can be found at

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