Pinterest: A Plethora of Pretty
Pinterest: A Plethora of Pretty

A few days ago, my dear friend Sonju tweeted this: Holla if you’d like a Pinterest invite. It’s like tumblr, for big girls. 

I asked, “Pinterest?” and she said “, thank me later.”

Less than ten minutes later I was spiraling into a photoblog binge of all things pretty. In fact, my day dreaming time has more than doubled while my productivity has slowed to a near complete stop. Instead of scrolling through important emails, tweets and facebook notifications, I’m now scrolling through photos of artistic fashion, interior design, delectable baked goods, shoes I imagine would surely change my life if I owned them and some of the most amazing artistic creativity I’ve ever seen on the internet (and I spend an inordinate and possibly unhealthy amount of time lurking in the ether of cyber space).

Being the social networking junky that I am, I do have a tumblr account in addition to twitter, facebook and a personal blog. I logged into it for the first time in well over a month last night, promptly looked at the first three posts, closed my laptop and started scrolling through the Pinterest app on my iPhone. I don’t dislike tumblr, but I think there are quite a few things that could be improved upon. I’ve never quite figured out the comments sections, there’s not much of a public timeline (at least not that I have found) and while I can scroll through everyone that I’m following to see their posts, the entire stream is vertical. I know tumblr can be really enjoyable for some, as it’s a great mixture of photoblogging and regular blogging with twitter like elements thrown in, but I never found it to be terribly appealing. I also care very little about customization, which is probably why Pinterest is far more appealing to me. There’s no profile to choose colors and backgrounds for. It’s a simple dashboard with a scrolling collage of photos from the various accounts I follow.

Imagine a giant digital corkboard that you can pin all of your favorite photos, magazine clippings and quotes on. That’s Pinterest. Even better, it’s a social site as well, so you can share all of your favorite pretty and peculiar things with your friends. It’s the digital equivalent of hanging out with your girlfriends and cutting up art and style magazines and pasting the pictures on paperboard to decorate your bedroom with, but without the glue gun and paper shaving mess.

There’s a plug in option that allows you to pin things you come across on other websites, you can share pins and re-pins automatically to facebook, comment on your friends pins and ‘like’ whatever you want.

Currently the site is by invite only, but you can still browse all of the amazing photos; you just can’t share and repin items with friends. Hopefully, the site will keep the same quality content once it’s open to everyone. You can request an invite or there’s a good possibility I can be bribed with wine, chocolate, shoes or books to send an email invite.


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