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Long Term Relationships: They are Survivable!

“You know how people have these little habits that get you down. Like Bernie. Bernie like to chew gum. No, not […]


Refresher on Grammar. {Video}

We can all use a refresher from time to time. Leave it to a couple of puppets to bring it […]

deal with a demon

Book Review: Deal With a demon

Literally (and I mean that literally), I picked up a book around 10pm and read for 8 hours straight. I […]


Donating Hair

I cut my hair the other day. It’s been nearly a year since I had it trimmed. I usually only […]


Z is for Zumba

I wrote a series of blog posts for each letter of the alphabet during July. It pushed my creative envelope and […]


I am an Interesting Woman: Alicia

I am an interesting woman. I want you to smile and laugh at me. I am ridiculously self-conscious, but unless […]


Dump the Love Bucket

I haven’t been out in a long time. Outside of a recent four day cruise to Cozumel, I don’t get […]

reward yourself

Hiding in the Car Eating Ice Cream: I Gave Myself an Hour of “Me Time”

Sometimes you just need to drive straight from the gym to get ice cream and then sit in your car […]


Engineers Without Borders

What do you do when you need something from the store? Right. Jump in your car and go! And oh, isn’t it […]



A sigh can mean so many things. Positive. Negative. All along the spectrum between awesome and not so awesome, it […]