The Prowl, Vol 16.
The Prowl, Vol 16.

Week 16 Review – Jaguars vs Titans: L 23-17

As close as this score looks, the Jaguars offensive performance was only there half the time. QB Blaine Gabbert had a few hot streaks, but commonly fizzled out towards the middle of the field. I noticed, once again, Gabbert really gets into rhythm the less amount of time it takes to line back up. I’d imagine this is because he has less time to think and just has to make the play. We saw Gabbert make a late 4th quarter surge, allowing RB Maurice Jones-Drew to run the ball in, but ultimately too late in the game to get the ball back and make the win happen. Our defensive efforts were great, having pulle down two of Titans’ QB Matt Hasselbeck’s interceptions. The defensive line steadily put the pressure on Hasselbeck, forcing opportune 3 and outs, but our offense just could not slip into any consistent production. Watching Gabbert scramble and insist on throwing the ball into traffic instead of throwing it away has become frustrating. This doesn’t mean he shouldn’t stick around, nor does it mean we should lose faith. With a regular offseason coming up, I sincerely think Gabbert will come out a more sure, thorough player.

Here are the statistics from the Titans game:

RUSHING – Jones-Drew 24-103, D.Harris 2-5, Gabbert 1-4, G.Jones 1-1.

PASSING – Gabbert 21-42-1-198.

RECEIVING – Jones-Drew 6-21, Dillard 5-61, Thomas 3-26, Cloherty 2-33, G.Jones 2-9, Potter 1-22, West 1-14, Lewis 1-12.

Team News:

Jaguars camp claimed offensive tackle William Robinson from New Orleans waivers, already beginning to build for next season. Matt Roth and Ashton Youboty were both added to Injured Reserve, extending their IR list to 31 players. MJD did not practice with an ankle injury, but I expect to see him in the last game against the Colts. Guy Whimper, Eugene Monroe, Zach Potter, and Dwight Lowery were all limited during practice. Cecil Shorts is Out.


Week 17: Jaguars vs Colts

Now that the Colts have their 2nd win, they have a little more pep in their step. Luckily, this new found confidence in the Colts will simply not be enough against our defense. No matter how our offense may play, the defense finds a way to coral enough opportunities for the Jaguars to step up. With this being our last game, the Jaguars will be looking to make a statement for next season. Colts QB Dan Orlovsky will start once again, bringing new fire to his squad. The Jaguars defense must look to pressure Orlovsky as much as possible, exposing Orlovsky’s streaky tendency and making the Colts run the ball. From there, we can allow MJD to engage full running showdown speed. Colts RD Joseph Addai has had trouble getting past the first down marker, so as long as our defensive doesn’t allow any extra yardage, this game will be easy to contain. The key will be getting ahead early, forcing the Colts to try and catch up. Orlovsky showed he can come from behind, but the Jaguars secondary will be able to keep the ball out of Colts receiver’s hands.


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