There's a Monster on the Internet
There's a Monster on the Internet

There’s a monster on the internet. It’s called “what mioves kindle books off the shelf.” (You’ll have to have an amazon account to access it) It’s a beast of epic proportions: It’s a thread that stretches eighty-eight pages, 1309 comments, and over 50,000 views. Acclaimed author Robert Walker and his cohorts, including but by no means limited to Patrick Donnell, Theresa Moore, Ian Fraser, and yours truly, hash out what will get your e-book selling.

The thread is hidden away in the kindle author’s community under the “voice of the author/publisher” forum. Laughably one of the best bits of advice from the thread is to have professional editing, which of course would have spotted that the word “moves” in the title had a typo. But we are fond of our “mioving” thread, blemishes and all.

These are the top ten ideas from the thread

  • Write a book description that reads like a short story. Something that the reader can’t wait to get more of. And make sure it has no typos. (Quality editing becomes quite a theme on the thread, despite the loose attitudes we have taken to the editing of the actual posts.)
  • Price your book right. If no one has ever heard of you, your best bet is to go for 99 cents. Don’t give the reader a reason to say no to your book. If you’ve got a book out at 99 cents and have earned yourself some readers you can go higher, but try to stick between 2.99 and 3.99
  • Participate in every kindle related forum you can find. (and yet try to ignore the ones that are specifically for authors or you will only meet more authors instead of more readers.)
  • Make hay with good news. When you get a great review, or reach a new best seller list or anything else that gives you bragging rights, let the world know.
  • Blog. Blog your success, blog your progress, blog your friends and do blog tours.
  • Get early readers who can tell you if you are ready to publish yet.
  • Get a good editor who will take your book from good to professional
  • Get a great cover. People will judge your book by it.
  • Get your tail in gear (marketing is a ton of work.)
  • And be patient.

The thread is filled with the giddy optimism of people who are ready to turn the publishing world upside down by writing and producing fabulous books that go straight to the reader. After five months of chatter and help only one disagreement has ever erupted and even that was handled without flaming or name calling or any other Internet weirdness. Just some adults disagreeing and deciding not to enter into that discussion with each other anymore. It is a weirdly grown up place.

It also continues to grow at such a fast pace that by the time you read this the numbers in the first paragraph will be all wrong.

If you are a writer who wants to go the e-book route, “What mioves” is a monster you need to make friends with.

Traci Tyne Hilton is the author of the independently published Mitzy Neuahus Mystery series. In addition to writing mysteries, Traci is a die hard childrens ministry worker. Story telling is her favorite job in the ministry but she also rocks balloon animals and wild games. Traci has written grant proposals, blogs , essays on etymology , Bible studies, Sunday School curriculum, novels, short stories, history essays, and plays. She hopes to do many more of the above, God willing and the creek don’t rise.
The Mitzy Neuhaus series is available at and in paperback and ebook. More of Traci’s work can be found at

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