Update: One Month Post-Op
Update: One Month Post-Op

Good news: this week marks one month since my weight loss surgery! Bad news: my body is celebrating by deciding not to agree with my positive attitude.  On Thursday, I woke up in quite a bit of pain, and decided that it would be a smart idea to work from home. I will be a lady and spare you all of the details, but just know that it was not fun. At all. While most days the hardest change to my life has been figuring out what to eat and drink, there are a few days that I just wish that I was all healed up, and can move forward with no issues. Thursday happened to be one of those days, unfortunately. I need to come to terms with the fact that there will always be an obstacle or two. After all, this is life, and what life is free of complication?

I was given the OK from my dietitian to move onto soft foods, from purees. I rejoiced. Some purees like hummus which I previously loved, I do not want to see for a long time. Other foods like ricotta cheese are a staple for me when I can’t handle another food. With every bite of every new food comes a sensation that my stomach fills itself with air, then pushes that air out into the sides of my body. That’s the best way I can describe it. If it is too painful, I skip it, eat some ricotta, and attempt to eat the new food again the next day. Eventually, my body accepts most things. I’ve been reading all about how people who have this surgery have likes and dislikes that change their surgery. So I decided that this is the time to try foods and experiment.

 Beans: Gross before and gross after

Tilapia: Boring before and boring after

French Onion Soup w/o bread: Amazing before and amazing after

Shrimp: So yummy before, and so yummy after

The coffee at work: Bad before, even worse after

I think now that I have tried a few things I dislike, I have learned that I do still dislike them. Perhaps, this proves I should not always believe everything I read on a message board. In terms of the coffee though, I think that was a punishment. I’m not supposed to have caffeine, as it depletes the body of essential water. My excuse is that I was exhausted, and needed a pick me up. I am only eating about 600 calories a day right now, plus I had taken an antihistamine for an allergy, and it just made for an awful day.

Now, speaking of horrible days, I am pretty sure that the pain I had this week, was caused by the lack of fluids. First off drinking regular water feels like little lead bullets have been shot down my throat. Instead, I have been trying to drink various other things such as Sobe 0, Crystal Light, decaffeinated iced or regular tea, water with lime and Truvia, water with lemon, decaffeinated iced coffee, and the list goes on. From what it seems so far is that I can drink something one day, but my stomach will not tolerate it the next. I get the same rushing of air feeling, as eating new food. However, I do not seem to tolerate that liquid again. I feel like a detective making notes on what I’m drinking and when, so I can come to some sort of logical conclusion about what I will be able to drink to get in my eight cups a day. I’ve made mental notes in my head like: zero calorie sugar substitutes are horrible, I drink more when the temperature is at least 97 degrees, and I tolerate cucumber water and iced tea with a lot of ice when I’m walking. I’ve also managed to tolerate coconut water for four days in a row now (knock on wood). It violates the “Do not drink your calories!” rule, but for 35 calories and one fewer glass of the eight  I need, it is so worth it.

At this moment, the awful coffee mentioned above, has now prompted me to go make a glass of decaffeinated iced coffee. I added a tablespoon of Fat Free CoffeeMate, and a teaspoon of Blue Agave Nector. It is… ok.  It goes down slowly with a lot of sipping. I’ll have to stop drinking soon though. There is a 15 minute rule of no drinking before meals, and for 1 hour after. The one hour after can be torturous, so I try to keep busy. One doesn’t realize how natural it is to drink while you eat, and after.  It is a quite a challenge not to.


Oh, and don’t let me forget the marvellous news — I’m down a total of 38 pounds!


Dana Pollati is first and for most, a Jersey Girl. She always has an opinion and is never afraid to share it. Dana is a wife, artist, lover of life, hater of the phrase “FML”, and a life long unsuccessful dieter. When she’s not working for a digital publisher, she spends her time drawing pretty pictures, searching for that great vintage find, reading palms, walking, walking, and walking again. Discovering creative ways to share life experiences is really what keeps this girl moving forward.

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  1. Jen Bennett
    Posted August 13, 2012 at 5:42 pm | Permalink

    Happy to hear it’s going well despite some set backs! :)

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